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The encroachment of this land has been addressed in collaboration with the growing village community, resulting with the creation an urgently needed sub-post office and ration shop.

The design is questioning the functioning and quality of common ration shops and inspires a new approach towards these mostly overlooked buildings.

Importance has been given to maximize natural ventilation and light, transparency for users and clear circulation without compromising on the required safety aspects.

We have taken the waiting customers into the building with a wide corridor space to protect them from rain and sun. Large open counters allow absolute transparency in the ration shop.

The back of the building serves as shaded outdoor seating for the children of the neighbouring school.

The aim is to provide the best possible integration for the underprivileged part of society, through architecture that embraces its users.

The building strives to take vernacular elements and use them in a contemporary fashion, where only the material itself creates texture and decoration. Exposed earth block walls, solid doors from reclaimed wood, floors with local stone slabs and terracotta inlay create a subtle blending with the surrounding. The other elements - granite and jalis - are inspired by the local context.

"Beauty is the way in which the physical expresses the Divine — but the principle and law of Beauty is something inward and spiritual and expresses itself through the form."                                                                                                                                                                         - Sri Aurobindo
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