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TLC (The Learning Community)

The Learning Community is a free progress education space in Auroville for children up to the age of 14.

In 2014, there was a need to expand their campus due to the growing number of learners.

Set on 2 floors, the building is a mild-steel framed structure sitting on concrete pillars up to the plinth level for protection from termite. The walls are made of wooden frames and a combination of wattle-and-daub and plywood in-fills. The floors are recycled wooden panels resting on a mild steel beam grid.

A central open interactive space gives in to 2 classrooms on the ground floor, and wooden staircases lead to 2 teachers’ admin space on the upper level.

Sustainable architecture is a consequence of sustainable living – more than material choices, in this building, the fashion in which it was conceived and realized, with the active involvement of the children in planning and construction as well as the use of local materials, local workforce and local skills, makes it one of our most consciously designed and realized project.

"Beauty is not the same as Delight, but like love it is an expression, a form of Ananda, created by Ananda and composed of Ananda; it conveys to the mind that delight of which it is made. Aesthetically the delight takes the appearance of Rasa and the enjoyment of this Rasa is the mind's and the vital's reaction to the perception of beauty."                                                                                                                                                                                      - Sri Aurobindo
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