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Coconut villa

This villa is a cozy second home for a French businessman, who loves Auroville as the ideal place for a peaceful retreat.

The interiors, with an array of raw materials and textures, from exposed concrete to warm wood, reflects the client’s vision of a minimalist decor. The staircase spiralling ribbon-like from the first floor down, the most structurally complex feature of the project, is the splendor of the villa.

The open plan of the ground floor allows for a multi-use space around the in-built kitchen/dining/workspace, depth and volume being added by the double height living space. The rhythmic array of column and glass on the eastern façade adds character to the space with the play of shadows throughout the day.

The light filled bedroom with its large mullion-free southern opening and a bathroom that opens into a terrace garden makes for an experience far beyond the confines of the walls of this small villa. The existing coconut trees on site have become part of this tiny tropical masterpiece, the Coconut villa.

"Beauty does not get its full power except when it is surrendered to the Divine."                                                                                                                                                                           - The Mother
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