Sunship is thus far the biggest attempt that Auroville has made for a collective living model.

Set in the vast green landscape of Auroville, the project, while big in scale, still manages to be light, porous and harmonious with its exuberant surroundings. With an intentional open ground floor meant as an urban experience, the upper floors are spread out with apartments and offices with minimalist design and decor, aiming to answer to the users’ needs of space, function and beauty with simplicity. 

Large public corridors, intended interactive “negative” spaces, art installations, and an inner courtyard framed on the south by truss-suspended walkways, create a sense of lightness and abundance.

The studios promote simple living, sporting a kitchenette and a living/bedroom that opens out into the lush green landscape through a fiberglass louver system that allows the adjustment of shading as needed throughout the day.


Collective solar panels and water heating system and a central wastewater treatment system are some of the main environmental features built into this project.

"Beauty is the special divine Manifestation in the physical as Truth is in the mind. Love in the heart. Power in the vital. Supramental beauty is the highest divine beauty manifesting in Matter."                                                                                                                       
                                                                                                                                              - Sri Aurobindo