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Auromode offices: The Hive

Set in Auromode, Hive is an office building of 2 storeys, designed to blend neatly into the existing campus.


The ground is an open floor of 100 sq.m. designed with a waffle slab (a grid of beams specially designed for column-free spaces) of exposed concrete, with conference rooms and a kitchen/café. This is first co-working space of Auroville, with all infrastructure provided by the campus. The first-floor hosts 6 smaller offices.


RCC frame, brick wall and colored-oxide floors make up the primary building materials. The building is designed with the provision for an eventual second floor to respond to the growing need of workspaces in Auroville.

"To find highest beauty is to find God; to reveal, to embody, to create, as we say, highest beauty is to bring out of our souls the living image and power of God."                                                                                                                                                                                    - Sri Aurobindo
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