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Aurodam house

An individual house set in the residential zone of Auroville, the house is built with random rubble, concrete and recycled windows/wood.


The planning of the house took care not to disturb the existing structures and trees such as a 30-year-old tiled-Gazebo, a giant 45-year-old Mimosops Elengi tree which is set at the center of an inner courtyard between the living room and the 2 bedrooms.


Large French sliding windows make it an ideal forest house with a view, while the random rubble backdrop of the living room reaches into the landscape to connect the outside to the inside. A patio with a pergola made of recycled casuarina completes the concept of contemporary yet grounded in local roots.


The house is designed for an eventual first floor and has an internal staircase leading from the courtyard.

"Art is not only technique or form of Beauty, not only the discovery or the expression
of Beauty — it is a self-expression of Consciousness under the conditions of aesthetic vision and a perfect execution. Or, to put it otherwise, there are not only aesthetic values,
but life-values, mind-values, soul-values that enter into Art.
The artist puts out into form not only the powers of his own consciousness, but the powers of the Consciousness that has made the worlds and, their objects."                                                 
                                                                                                                                      - Sri Aurobindo 
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