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Residential apartements building

Residential individual

Marc & Lili's house, Auroville, 2009

Sakthivel's house, Pondicherry, 2011

Salokya residence, Kuilapalayam, 2015 

Alain’s house extension, Auroville, 2015

Aurodam house, Auroville, 2018

Hemant’s studio, Auroville, 2018

Individual house, Chennai, 2019

Coconut villa, Kuyilapalayam, 2019

Aura house, Bommayarpalayam, 2020

Silence forest house, Auroville, 2020

Subramanian's house, Chennai, 2021


Villa, Ahmedabad, 2014

Auromode apartments, Auroville, 2019

Vikas apartment renovation, Auroville (ongoing)


Residential group housing

Surrender Block 1 & 2, apartment buildings, Auroville, 2013

Rainbow Nagar apartment building, Pondicherry, 2014

Marutham Hill Side apartment building, Coimbatore, 2016

Ivy Terrace apartment building, Chennai, 2017

Residential cluster, Maraimalainagar, Chennai, 2017 (concept)

Sunship residential building, Auroville, 2017

SAIIER Staff Quarters, Auroville, 2021

Vibrance apartments, Auroville (detailed concept)


Morning Star Birth Centre, Auroville (ongoing)


Educational/ Institutional

The Learning Community, Auroville, 2014

Lunch Hub, Oli School, Auroville, 2014

Tamil Heritage Center, Auroville (detailed concept)


Office/ Administrative/ Commercial

Sub-post office/Ration shop, Moratandi, 2014

Auromode offices: The Hive, Auroville, 2021

La Petite Epicerie (shop), City Center, Auroville (ongoing)


K-Resort,  Manjakkuppam, 2017

Holiday homes, Ooty (concept)

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