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Marc & Lili's house

A resort set in 30 acres of land north of Pondicherry, what began as a project on a barren land is now a lush green landscape, with the landscape design of Auroville’s Botanical Garden.

The resort is designed with a large reception/restaurant building that is accessed by a bridge over a lake, with the restaurants and bars overlooking the pool.

There are 46 cottages, starting with the basic Standard Cottage and ending with the Garden Villas with a view to an even larger lake at the western end of the property.

Apart from this, K resort also has a library, a spa, a coffee shop, and a 500-seater banquet hall.

The resort is very close to the Kaliveli lake, which is home to a paradise of birds. Thanks to the client’s vision of developing a green site, the K resort landscape is now also populated by these different varieties of beautiful birds.

All the buildings are floating on slabs above the landscape and are accessed by bridges from the main random rubble pathway. Mangalore-tiled roofs on RCC frames and brick walls complete the quaint and homely look of this 5-star resort.

"Spiritual beauty has a contagious power."                                                                                                             - The Mother
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